Oral Reading

Join PhD student Caitlin Hines in her Latin meter-reading workshops on Thursdays from 4-5pm in the CLASSU Lounge (LI 009) during the winter semester of the 2017-18 year! Contact Caitlin at caitlin.hines@mail.utoronto.ca to be put on the mailing list. 

Past Performances:

Spring 2017: “Poor humanity, to saddle the divines with such responsibilities…/O genus infelix humanum, talia divis cum tribuit facta…”
Lucretius De Rerum Natura 5.1195-6
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Performance at the Classical Association of Canada Annual Conference — May 20th, in Alumni Hall, Old Vic.

Spring 2015: “Quit Your Whining”/“Desine mollium tandem querellarum” – Horace, Odes 2.9

Spring 2014: “Ille mi par esse deos videtur”, “He seems to me to be equal to the gods” – Catullus Carmina 51
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Fall 2013: “ΜΗΔῈΝ ἌΓΑΝ”, “Nothing in Excess” – Inscription on the Temple at Delphi
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Spring 2013: “ἧς γαίης δύναμαι γλυκερώτερον ἄλλο ἰδέσθαι”, “There is nothing sweeter than one’s own homeland” – Homer Odyssey 9.28
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Fall 2012: “Στόμα τ’εὔφημον ἅπας ἐξοσιούσθω”, “Let every man keep his mouth pure” – Euripides Bacchae 69-70
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Spring 2012: “πολεμοῦμεν ἵν᾽ εἰρήνην ἄγωμεν”, “We make war so that we might have peace” – Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics  1177b4

Past Club Heads

Toby Keymer (2016-)
Willem Crispin-Frei (2014-2016)
Maya Chakravorty (2011-2014)

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