At its full capacity throughout the Fall/Winter school year, CLASSU’s Senate is served by eleven executives. The majority of these executives are elected in September, and work throughout the year to enrich the academic and social lives of Classics students at the university.

During the summer, however, CLASSU is attended by a reduced Senate of five. These include the President, Vice-President, and three executives who are elected in March/April and fulfill summer duties before being joined by the rest of the executive team in Fall.

The next election, which will select the 2021-2022 Senate, will be held in September 2021.

For more information about the current Summer Senate team, as well as a list of past senates and their members, read below.

2021 Summer Senate

Sarah Ann Florio, President

Sarah Ann (she/her) is in her third year at Victoria College, studying Latin, and Classical Civilizations. She is a sucker for Augustan poetry, and hopes to one day become a Latin teacher so she can talk about Ablative Absolutes without people running away. In her spare time, Sarah Ann can be found writing songs about Ancient Rome, struggling through Latin translations, or rewatching Scrubs for the millionth time. She is also an enthusiastic (and extremely mediocre) tap dancer and accordion player, and an avid fan of 80s Italian Disco Pop (just ask anyone who’s ever been in LI009 with her). If someone could please explain the difference between a gerund and a gerundive to her, she’d greatly appreciate it.

Classics courses she’s taken: LAT101, LAT102, LAT201, LAT202, LAT341, GRK101, CLA160, CLA201, CLA210, CLA230, CLA231, CLA233, CLA260, CLA372, CLA367, HIS327

Karuna Sinha, Vice-President

Karuna (she/her) is in her third year at Woodsworth College studying Latin, Classical Civilizations, and Education. She is particularly interested in depictions of women and power in Roman literature and will happily talk about the agency of women in Livy or Martial to anyone who is willing to listen. Other than her deep love for roman literature, she is also interested in Latin pedagogical styles, the aesthetics of ancient Mediterranean art, and the later reception of Classics by cultures and countries beyond the Mediterranean. When she’s not color-coding her planner or drowning in schoolwork, Karuna can be found making niche Spotify playlists, baking up a storm, or buying FAR too much stationery with which to write letters. Her other hobbies include organizing her Google Drive, embroidering, and dreaming about the cats she’ll adopt one day.

Classics courses she’s taken: LAT201, LAT202, LAT350, LAT352, GRK101, CLA160, CLA204, CLA210, CLA219, CLA231, CLA236, CLA369, CLA388.

Sheena McKeever, Treasurer

Sheena McKeever (she/her) is in her third year at Trinity College, studying Classics, Art History, and Philosophy. She is particularly interested in how philosophy informs Roman poetry, specifically late republican and early imperial literature. Despite spending the majority of her time reading Latin, she nevertheless has an affinity for Hellenistic philosophy and art. She enjoys a plethora of art history movements, including, but not limited to, the work of Francisco Goya, Gustave Doré, and William-Adolphe Bouguereau. In her free time, she listens to jazz, reads Russian psychological novels, and checks out vintage stores at any chance she gets.

Classics courses she’s taken: CLA160, CLA204, CLA233, CLA260, GRK101, GRK102, GRK201, GRK202, LAT101, LAT102, LAT201, LAT202, LAT350, LAT352.

Saiba Anand

Saiba (she/they) is in their third year at New College, studying Classical Civilizations, Political Science, and Art History! She is an obvious Hellenist, but definitely still enjoys the occasional Ovid reading! Saiba is currently obsessed with learning about gender/sexuality in the Greek world, mythology, as well as colonialism in the ancient world (but they change their mind every ten seconds so we’ll see if this lasts)! Although she never knew about Classics until recently, Saiba is super passionate about learning as much as she can, so send any fun facts her way, I promise she’ll be so excited. Outside of CLASSU/Classics courses, Saiba loves dancing (don’t ask about her favourite style they cant choose), and is on the UofT danceteam. In their free time she binge watches the random tv shows, spends all their money thrift shopping, hanging with friends, or making pinterest boards only they look at!

Classics courses she’s taken: CLA101H5, LAT101, CLA204H5, CLA215, CLA230H5, CLA233, CLA236, CLA260

Jessika Dupuis

Jessika (she/her) is in her fifth year at New College, with majors in Classics, Classical Civilization, and a minor in Philosophy. If she isn’t reading or going on pointless walks she’s thinking about Roman authors and how to make fun of them. She enjoys everything Greek, even the existential crisis that usually occurs after reading some philosophy. She like collecting hobbies, and after experimenting with cooking and photography, she has started the journey with knitting and wood carving!  

Classics courses she’s taken: LAT201, LAT202, GRK101, GRK102, CLA260, CLA230, CLA233, CLA319, CLA362, LAT430, LAT352, LAT350, GRK 201, GRK 202. 

Past Senates

Below, you will find a neat compendium of all the senates of years gone by.

President: Sydney Miller
Vice-President: Sarah Ann Florio
Treasurer: Hannah McCarthy
Secretary: Karuna Sinha
Senators: John Liao, Valen Trofimova, Jessika Dupuis, Leah Schweitzer Gukathasan, Sheena McKeever, Silas Sobeck, Jacqueline Viner

President: Irum Chorghay
Vice-President: Sydney Miller
Treasurer: Hannah McCarthy
Secretary: Camille Richter
Senators: Michias Bahlbi, Sarah Ann Florio, Leah Schweitzer Gukathasan, John Liao, Sarah Nathanson, Eli dos Santos, Jacqueline Viner

President: Laura Harris
Vice-President: Irum Chorghay
Treasurer: Patricia Salata
Secretary: Michias Bahlbi
Senators:  Leah Schweitzer Gukathasan, Kenneth Kim, Sydney Miller, Sarah Natale, Paul Nunez, Camille Richter, Elise Sintim-Aboagye, Erica Venturo 

President: Samantha Mazzilli
Vice-President: Laura Harris
Treasurer: Elizabeth Colonna
Secretary: Michias Bahlbi
Senators:  Genevieve Crispin-Frei, Ellie Morum, Paul Nunez, Allison Suba,  Felipe Vallejo, Seraphina Vasilodimitrakis-Hart, and Julia Wyganowski

President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Vice-President: Samantha Mazzilli
Treasurer: Toby Keymer
Secretary: Elizabeth Colonna
Senators: Sophia Alkhoury, Gabriel Calderon, Laura Harris, Annabelle Kolomeisky, Samantha Odrowaz-Sekely, Allison Suba, and Felipe Vallejo
Summer Senator: Hadley Staite

President: Taylor Stark
Vice-President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Treasurer: Hana Carozza
Secretary: Toby Keymer
Social Co-Ordinator: Hadley Staite
Senators: Elizabeth Colonna, Samantha Mazzilli, Victoria Prepelita, Felipe Vallejo, Seraphina Vasilodimitrakis-Hart, and Michal Zabinski

President: Taylor Stark
Vice-President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Treasurer: Michal Zabinski
Student Affairs Co-Ordinator: Nuard Tadevosyan
Secretary: Toby Keymer
Senators: Hana Carozza, Mitch Cram, Samantha Mazzilli, Max Peers, Hadley Staite, and Alexandra Yao

2013-2014 *
President: Maya Chakravorty
Vice-President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Treasurer: Chris Hogendoorn
Student Affairs Co-Ordinator: Gill Scott
Secretary: Taylor Stark
Senators: Aidan Flynn, Toby Keymer, Jeffrey Schulman, Hadley Staite, Nuard Tadevosyan, and Helen Thomas

*Known as the Association of Classics Students until 27 March 2014.