The CLASSU Anti-Calendar emerged from two different traditions, namely the CLASSU Handbook (which featured CLASSU-centric materials) and the ASSU Anti-Calendar. Prior to the 2012-2013 academic year, ASSU collected and compiled course evaluations for the university in a de facto official capacity. This was the Anti-Calendar. It had members of the course unions for each department go into classes and have students fill in paper evaluations that yielded quantitative and qualitative data. These were then compiled and made available to students in an accessible and useful way.

CLASSU wanted to re-implement student-run course evaluations within the Department of Classics. Our desire to do this stemmed from the lack of adequate and accessible course evaluations for students at the University of Toronto. While the Faculty does do online course evaluations, response rates are low and the data collected is difficult to access and not useful to students. As a result, the CLASSU Anti-Calendar was born.

In the Anti-Calendar you will find our course evaluations, information about us, resources, and more. Please look through it and send us your feedback! We hope you enjoy it!

CLASSU Anti-Calendar 2018-19

CLASSU Anti-Calendar 2017-2018 Updated 24 June 2017

CLASSU Anti-Calendar 2016-2017 Updated 5 October 2016

CLASSU Handbook 2015-2016

CLASSU Handbook 2014-2015

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