At its full capacity throughout the Fall/Winter school year, CLASSU’s Senate is served by eleven executives. The majority of these executives are elected in September, and work throughout the year to enrich the academic and social lives of Classics students at the university.

During the summer, however, CLASSU is attended by a reduced Senate of five. These include the President, Vice-President, and three executives who are elected in March/April and fulfill summer duties before being joined by the rest of the executive team in Fall.

For more information about the past Summer Senate team, as well as a list of past senates and their members, read below.

The Senate is committed to new transparency measures this year. Among these measures is the publishing of Senate Meeting Minutes, which will be regularly updated as meetings occur. All meeting minutes for the current academic year may be found here. If you encounter any trouble viewing these documents, or would like to view meeting minutes from previous years when this policy has been in effect, please email us at

2023-2024 Senate

Teodora Mladin, President

Tessa Clare Delaney-Girotti, Vice-President

Piper Hays, Equity Officer/Plebeian Editor-In-Chief

Madeleine Andrasic, Treasurer

Riley Burstyn, First Year Representative

Izzy Friesen

Anna Hurnanen

Sydney Oakman

Behina Doroodgar

Andy Costa

Isabella Brusezze

Past Senates

Below, you will find a neat compendium of all the senates of years gone by.

President: John Liao
Vice-President: Saiba Anand
Treasurer: Luke Lomax
Secretary: Stacy Ossipov
Senators: Teo Mladin, Tessa Delaney-Girotti, Piper Hays, Joshua Ng, Anna Hurnanen, Madeleine Andrasic, James Lautens

President: Sydney Miller
Vice-President: Sarah Ann Florio
Treasurer: Hannah McCarthy
Secretary: Karuna Sinha
Senators: John Liao, Valen Trofimova, Jessika Dupuis, Leah Schweitzer Gukathasan, Sheena McKeever, Silas Sobeck, Jacqueline Viner

President: Irum Chorghay
Vice-President: Sydney Miller
Treasurer: Hannah McCarthy
Secretary: Camille Richter
Senators: Michias Bahlbi, Sarah Ann Florio, Leah Schweitzer Gukathasan, John Liao, Sarah Nathanson, Eli dos Santos, Jacqueline Viner

President: Laura Harris
Vice-President: Irum Chorghay
Treasurer: Patricia Salata
Secretary: Michias Bahlbi
Senators:  Leah Schweitzer Gukathasan, Kenneth Kim, Sydney Miller, Sarah Natale, Paul Nunez, Camille Richter, Elise Sintim-Aboagye, Erica Venturo 

President: Samantha Mazzilli
Vice-President: Laura Harris
Treasurer: Elizabeth Colonna
Secretary: Michias Bahlbi
Senators:  Genevieve Crispin-Frei, Ellie Morum, Paul Nunez, Allison Suba,  Felipe Vallejo, Seraphina Vasilodimitrakis-Hart, and Julia Wyganowski

President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Vice-President: Samantha Mazzilli
Treasurer: Toby Keymer
Secretary: Elizabeth Colonna
Senators: Sophia Alkhoury, Gabriel Calderon, Laura Harris, Annabelle Kolomeisky, Samantha Odrowaz-Sekely, Allison Suba, and Felipe Vallejo
Summer Senator: Hadley Staite

President: Taylor Stark
Vice-President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Treasurer: Hana Carozza
Secretary: Toby Keymer
Social Co-Ordinator: Hadley Staite
Senators: Elizabeth Colonna, Samantha Mazzilli, Victoria Prepelita, Felipe Vallejo, Seraphina Vasilodimitrakis-Hart, and Michal Zabinski

President: Taylor Stark
Vice-President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Treasurer: Michal Zabinski
Student Affairs Co-Ordinator: Nuard Tadevosyan
Secretary: Toby Keymer
Senators: Hana Carozza, Mitch Cram, Samantha Mazzilli, Max Peers, Hadley Staite, and Alexandra Yao

2013-2014 *
President: Maya Chakravorty
Vice-President: Willem Crispin-Frei
Treasurer: Chris Hogendoorn
Student Affairs Co-Ordinator: Gill Scott
Secretary: Taylor Stark
Senators: Aidan Flynn, Toby Keymer, Jeffrey Schulman, Hadley Staite, Nuard Tadevosyan, and Helen Thomas

*Known as the Association of Classics Students until 27 March 2014.