Does the UofT Bookstore’s lack of CLASSICS clothing bother you? Do you feel ignored, being relegated to the anonymous moniker of ARTS AND SCIENCE? Cast off your feelings of neglect and rejoice, for CLASSU’s got you covered—order an (unofficially) Official Department of Classics hoodie brought to you by the Classics Students’ Union Senate. Profits will be used to fund CLASSU endeavors such as Ancient Food Day, snacks and supplies for our lounge, and much more.

The cost per item is dependent on the amount ordered, so please encourage your peers to place orders for cheaper merch. However, the cost for the items offered will not exceed these costs:

 Hoodies: $40 
Crewnecks: $35
T-Shirts: $20
Acrylic Tumblers and Stainless Steel Mugs: $17

If you would like to purchase any items, please fill out the order form found HERE. Please note that you will have to be in Toronto in order to place and pick up orders. We are unable to ship orders to you.