CLASSU Stuff for November!

Greetings! Salvete! Χαίρετε!

We hope that your Study Break has proven to be full of fun and procrastination! If you are running out of ways to procrastinate this week or this month, check out some of these upcoming CLASSU Events! For the sake of brevity, we’ve put the bare minimum for each—click on the links for more information!

Plebeian: Call for Assistant Editors and for Papers!

Get involved! Editor or Author or both? Submit your submissions by Nov 17th and Jan 20th respectively.

Aliens, Romans, and Bears, Oh My! Then Meet ‘n’ Greet Classics Grad Students!

Come hear two cool talks and then talk with the grad students! Friday 18 Nov. from 1-3 and 3-5 respectively. Food and copious amounts of candy will be provided.

CLASSU Pub Night

Come and join us to get #volutum #στρέφθεν #turnt. The Regal Beagle, 7:00 p.m. on Friday 25 November. We’re buying the drinks and nachos. It’s going to be #accensum #ἡμμένον #lit.

Society for Classical Studies Conference

A good volunteering/networking opportunity. Will show you what academics do outside the classroom.  Deadline: Fri. 11 Nov.!

Signing off/valete/χαίρετε!

Willem and/et/και Sam
On behalf of the CLASSU Senate

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