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Greek in Greece Program!

Forwarded from Professor Burgess:

This summer, May 31 to July 8, Ohio University and the University of Patras are offering a five-week study abroad program that features an intense study of ancient Greek. Greek in Greece offers students who have had one or more years study of ancient Greek the opportunity to complete a full year of ancient Greek at either the intermediate or advanced level. The program’s pedagogical model emphasizes immersive group work and sight reading that enables students to progress faster in the ancient language than is possible during the regular semester. Each student will take a full year of ancient Greek, two three-credit courses (graduate students four-credit), at either the intermediate or advanced level.

For further details about costs, available scholarships, curriculum, and the aforementioned comments of Greek in Greece alums, go to Or contact Prof. Jim Andrews at

For further information on funding details, click here for the full poster!

Associate Editor Applications Now Open

Have experience editing academic papers? Want to work as part of a team of editors to select the papers that will be published in Plebeian Vol. IV, and then work directly with the author of the paper to make it the best it can be?

Apply now to be an Associate Editor for CLASSU’s Undergraduate Journal, Plebeian!

Information as to what the role entails specifically can be found on the application form below. Forms are due by Sunday, November 19th at 5:00pm, to be emailed to, after which there will be an interview process. We are hiring seven (7) Associate Editors, who will work closely with each other, the Editor-in-Chief, and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Get in those applications ASAP!

 Click here for the Associate Editor Application Form!