Welcome First Years!

Hello first years!

Welcome to UofT. It’s going to be a crazy, tiring, busy, but great time. We at the Classics Students’ Union (CLASSU) are here to help give you any information about Classics at the University or other general tips. We will be holding a First Year Orientation session in early September in addition to being at the UTSU Street Festival on Wed. 7 Sept. during Orientation Week. Once we have the time and date finalized, we will be sending out information, so please send us an email letting us know you’re interested and we’ll make sure to contact you.

We will be running a variety of events from games days and movie nights to academic seminars. We also host an undergraduate conference and publish a journal, Plebeian.All of our events have free food, and sometimes even cake! We also have copies of syllabi and midterms to help you get a sense of what classes might be like in addition to our Anti-Calendar (course feedback survey results and helpful information about life as a Classicist at UofT). We are also looking for anyone with fresh ideas to come and join us, as there are at least six positions on our Senate available in the fall. More details on elections will follow.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at classicsstudentsunion@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting you!

–Willem Crispin-Frei and Sam Mazzilli, President and Vice-President, on behalf of the Classics Students’ Union Senate

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